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Causes of ED – Impotence Causes

Erectile dysfunction, sometimes called impotence, is a sexual disorder where a man is unable to achieve or maintain a penile erection firm enough for successful intercourse. Despite the fact that ED is a benign condition, it is often in close association with many diseases. ED can also be a symptom of another underlying disease (e.g. diabetes). ED significantly worsens the quality of life of affected men as well as their partners.How Common is ED?Currently, erectile dysfunction affects over 150 million men worldwide. Six out of twenty men between the ages of 40 and 70 experience erection problems, with a full 50% having ED after the age of 75. With an aging population, it is estimated that by 2025 the world will have over 320 million men with erectile dysfunction.

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By the end of the last century, it was believed that 90% of erectile dysfunction cases were due to abnormal psychogenic problems and only 10% attributed to organic causes.

Today, we know that the cause of buy generic viagra online
is organic in more than 80% of sufferers. With the development of modern medicine, it it now known that organic causes of ED are attributed to the diseases of cardiovascular, nervous (neurogenic causes) and hormonal (endocrine causes) systems.

Most ED patients have a mixture of organic causes accompanied by underlying psychogenic issues.

Psychological Erectile DysfunctionPsychogenic ED is a form sexual dysfunction which is more common in younger men. It is often due to fear of failure. It may also be due to congestion or stress in the workplace. Psychogenic Erectile dysfunction can even be caused upon discovering that an unfaithful partner has pursued sexual activity with someone else. Characteristic of psychogenic ED is that an erection can still be achieved under certain conditions such as having nocturnal erections, or an erection can be achieved with masturbation.

Physical Erectile Dysfunction

Organic erectile dysfunction is the cause in 80% of cases. The reason for this is that various habits and diseases lead to damages to blood vessels and sinuses (Endothelial Dysfunction) and/or nerve damage.

Lifestyle and HabitsLifestyles which have little physical activity are also known for risk for developing ED. Harmful Habits such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and drug abuse can lead to the development of ED. Age and ED40% of men who are 40 years old have at least initial problems with achieving an erection. This percentage gradually increases with age, with results showing that 70% of men at 70 years of age have ED. However, age is not necessarily associated with ED.


Atherosclerosis is the most common cause of blood vessel (vascular) ED. Factors that lead and support the development of atherosclerosis are, in particular, smoking, hypertension, diabetes and dyslipidemia.

Atherosclerosis is a common disease, affecting blood vessels throughout the body. There is evidence that ED may be a strong factor in diagnosing the development of coronary heart diseases (angina pectoris, myocardial infarction). Penile arteries are of significantly smaller lumen than are coronary arteries. Disturbances in blood flow usually first occur in these smaller vessels.

High blood pressure

Arterial hypertension is a major risk factor for developing ED. Studies have found that as many as 68% of men with high blood pressure develop erectile dysfunction and look on the web to purchase at local online pharmacies.

High Cholesterol Levels

High levels of total cholesterol or low levels of high density lipoprotein (HDL) are an important risk factor for developing ED.


ED develops in 35-75% of patients with diabetes. It occurs in patients with diabetes three times more frequently than in non-diabetic patients. ED is more common in diabetic patients who experience eye damage (retinopathy) or kidney failure (nephropathy). ED can be the first sign of diabetes mellitus in 12% of diabetics.

Neurological Disordersshutterstock_64487626

ED can be caused by brain damage (trauma, stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease). It may be a result of damage to the spinal cord (especially through injuries). It may also be caused by defective peripheral nerves: diabetic neuropathy, iatrogenic nerve damage following surgery (radical prostatectomy).

  • Diseases of the lungs, liver, kidneys
  • ED occurs in 30% of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
  • Fifty percent of patients with chronic liver failure have ED.

Alcoholic liver cirrhosis is responsible for ED occurring in 75% of its patients, and half of all patients with impaired renal function (renal failure) experience Erectile Dysfunction.


Surgery in the small of the pelvis may result in damage to nerves and blood vessels necessary for normal erection. Such interventions which may lead to ED, in particular, are radical prostatectomy, cystectomy or resection of the rectum.


What Viagra Can Do

Since its origin in the market in the year 1998,
has picked up a significant overall notoriety. Today like never before, individuals are more mindful of the item over the globe. Lion’s share of the grown-ups in the United States of America have had some things about Viagra particularly with well known and intense identities stepping up with regards to talking transparently about it. The one time republican chosen one, Bob Dole turned into an envoy of the celebrated minimal blue pill in order to get free or rather demoralize fake producers. In as much as the test of managing fake is not simply a relic of times gone by, the propensity has lessened extensively.

Exactly why has the medication pulled in so much consideration? Viagra has the ability to invert a men’s issue that is viewed as vital. Since time immemorial the general public has considered sex an imperative piece of relationship and the fractional or full absence of it is adequate to spell inconvenience in that relationship. Ladies have separated their spouses for being in a position to offer them sexual fulfillment. This reason and the force of Viagra has contributed significantly to the immense notoriety that the medication had worked for itself.

Viagra contains a synthetic that can build blood inflow from the heart corridors to the penis circulatory system. Typically, for a man to get an erection adequate blood inflow to the penis is required. The medications utilize a logical procedure that has the ability to build blood stream into the penis. In any case, this is not all as a man must be sexually animated for it to e powerful. The human body contains a synthetic known as PDE in is five distinct parts. PDE 5 is typically found in the penis and regularly causes the deterioration of cGMP. For blood stream to increment in the penis CGMP is a need and should not be disintegrated. Now Viagra proves to be useful on the grounds that it contains sildenafil citrate that guarantees the nonattendance of PDE found in the penis. Thus more cGMP develops instead of being disintegrated. The more noteworthy the measure of cGMP that develops the higher the blood stream into the penis and this thusly prompts to a penile erection.

The most extreme measure of time that the pill is relied upon to stay in the blood stream is four hours after which it ought to be flushed out of the body. Be that as it may, some of the time the body does not flush the pill out of the circulation system and this typically prompts to medical problems. Men will as a rule experience the ill effects of extreme torment with the proceeded with increment of erection following four hours. In the event that you watch such signs and side effects, you ought to direly look for the assistance of a qualified well being specialist. Some of the time such issues are normally brought on by an overdose or other uncalled for utilization of the pill. In this way, you ought to dependably look for the guidance of a specialist before purchasing and utilize the intense hostile to weakness pill.

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